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100% Cotton Muslin Swaddle Set (4-pack)

with complete artistic collection of designs 

Take comfort in knowing that your baby is swaddled in our super soft and luxurious 400 thread-count cotton muslin. This fabric is both lightweight and breathable. In addition to swaddling your baby - these swaddles can also be used as stroller covers, nursing cover ups, changing table covers, burp cloths, tummy time blankets and more!  

These 4 swaddles include 3 individual unique Raising Ace artistic designs as well as 1 combination design. 
  • 400 thread count count muslin for an extra luxurious feel
  • Breathable muslin helps reduce risk of overheating while sleeping
  • Pre-washed for softness
  • Comfy: the more you wash it the softer it gets
  • Extra large size: 47" x 47"
  • Fits babies/children ages newborn and up
4 Pack Variety of Raising Ace Artistic Swaddles