Kandi and Todd Tucker – both seasoned parents - have embarked on a mission to create high quality baby and children’s products that make parenting fun and engaging. With the birth of their son Ace Wells Tucker, they set out on a mission not only to bring new and exciting products to the market, but to create a company that supports great parenting by contributing a % of profits to non-profit organizations that support single parents, parents struggling to get by, and organizations that promote parenting education. Todd, who was raised without a father figure, has always been committed to being an engaged father to his older daughters, Kaela and Riley, and now to Ace.

Raising Ace brings to the marketplace high quality unisex children’s products with a unique design style. Developed in collaboration with designer, Mathieu Pung, the line focuses on three iconic animals; the panda bear who just like a baby eats and sleeps all day; the giraffe who with its long neck represents the growing baby into toddlerhood; and the fox who represents the transformation into a clever young child. Building on this theme, the Raising Ace designs are represented in both iconic and illustrative vintage inspired forms throughout the collection.

All Raising Ace products are fully tested to meet current child safety standards and packaged to be environmentally friendly as Raising Ace is also dedicated to treating the planet with care for future generations. Raising Ace is inclusive, with all products equally well-suited for little boys or girls.